Join us for the Panels included on our Session RC03 European Unification at the 2021 IPSA World Congress of Political Science

(session chaired by Hans-Joerg Trenz, Sophie Meunier, and Daniela Vintila)

10-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “Citizenship and Democracy in Post-Brexit Europe”, chaired by John Erik Fossum

10-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “Fighting the EU: Exploring Opposition Strategies of the Radical Right in Europe”, chaired by Ben Wellings

10-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “The Europeanization of Public Debate between Normalization and Polarization”, chaired by Giuliano Bobba

10-07-2021, 13:30 UTC: Panel “EU Impact on State of Democracy in the EU Enlargement and ENP Countries”, chaired by Vadym Zheltovskyy

10-07-2021, 13:30 UTC: Panel “Legitimacy and Governance Implications of the Increased Politicisation and Polarisation of the European Public Sphere”, chaired by Elena García-Guitián

11-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “National Parliaments and Transnational Democracy in Europe”, chaired by Sima Rakutiene

11-07-2021, 13:30 UTC: Panel “Citizenship and Mobility in the EU: Policies and Practices”, chaired by Daniela Vintila and Angeliki Konstantinidou

12-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “Nationalist Discourses in Europe beyond Euro-Skepticism and Isolationism”, chaired by Nicole Olszewska

12-07-2021, 13:30 UTC: Panel “Democracy Decline in EU Member States and EU Neighbours: Is the EU Helpless?”, chaired by Adam Szymanski

13-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “Identity(ies)-Building in the EU: Discourse, Actors and Dynamics”, chaired by Annie Niessen

13-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “New Directions in the Study of EU Elites”, chaired by Patrick Dumont

13-07-2021, 13:30 UTC: Panel: “Conditions and Compliance in European Integration”, chaired by Sophie Meunier

14-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “Contesting Europe? The Salience and Framing of European Integration in Partisan Politics”, chaired by John Erik Fossum

15-07-2021, 10:00 UTC: Panel “Mobility and Social Protection in the European Union: Welfare States Under Pressure?”, chaired by Angeliki Konstantinidou and Daniela Vintila