During the 24th World Congress of Political Science held in Poznan (Poland), the members of IPSA RC03 elected a new Executive Committee for the term 2016-2018. The new members are:

  1. Carlos Closa (Spanish National Research Council, IPP-CSIC, Spain) Chair  
  2. Philomena Murray (University of Melbourne, Australia) Vice-Chair
  3. Amy Verdun (University of Victoria, Canada) Treasurer 
  4. Yvonne Gallighan (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)
  5. Ken Endo (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  6. Hans-Jörg Trenz (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  7. Simona Piattoni (University of Trento, Italy)
  8. Daniela Vintila (University of Leicester, UK)
  9. Hartmut Mayer (University of Oxford, UK)
  10. Adam Szymański (University of Warsaw, Poland)
  11. Przemysław Biskup (University of Warsaw, Poland)