Call for Papers EUSA Fifteenth Biennial Conference, May 4-6 2017, Miami

Panel: “Rights and belonging: EU citizenship and other configurations of supranational citizenship”

Chair: Prof Carlos Closa (Spanish National Research Council)

Abstract: Despite its apparent singularity, the EU citizenship is not the only case of supranational construction of rights and belonging within a regional organization. Other organizations such as Mercosur, CAN, Unasur or Ecowas have created a set of rights that together compose a similar configuration of supranational citizenship and, at the same time, they have also developed a narrative on the sense of “belonging” to the regional group. This panel examines this diversity of institutional configurations from two dominant (although not exclusive) approaches. On the one hand, comparative perspectives will allow to question the singularity/commonality among these forms of citizenship and, in this sense, the panel will contribute to the more general discussion on EU comparability. On the other hand, supranational citizenship offers an excellent empirical ground for a new test of the theoretical debate between functionalist and diffusionist approaches to the design of institutions (i.e. has EU citizenship inspired the creation of other models of supranational citizenship or do these respond to autonomous functional needs?). The panel welcomes papers focusing on the aggregate level (i.e. conceptions of supranational citizenship and the host of rights comprised there within), disaggregate level (i.e. configurations of specific set of supranational rights) or the national level (i.e. national implementation of specific rights).

The abstract of the paper proposals (max. 500 words; please include title, name and institutional affiliation) should be sent via email to Prof Carlos Closa: The deadline for submitting the paper proposals is Monday, 26th of September 2016.