Dear members of IPSA RC03 and participants in the 2016 RC03 Sessions at the IPSA World Congress,

The time for the IPSA World Congress is approaching fast and I am looking forward to meet all of you there. RC03 will hold a business meeting on the 27th July, at 15:30, in Poznań Congress Center, Pavilion 14 (PCC-14) - 3.B. You are all invited to attend this important meeting.

RC03 needs to renew its Executive Board. Currently, the EB of RC03 consists of Chair (Carlos Closa) Vice-Chair (Amy Verdum) and six members (Sergio Fabbrini, Yvonne Galligan, Berthold Rittberger, Thomas Christiansen, Sophie Meunier Aitsahalia, Ken Endo, Caroline della Porte and Philomena Murray). Anyone who volunteers for servicing at the Board, please, let me know (dropping an email). RC03 membership changes between each WC, so please, bear in mind that members of the EB are expected, at a minimum, to attend the next WC to be held in 2018 in Australia and to organize at least a panel there. Please, do also bear in mind that these are not paid positions and no travel or events budget is available under RC03.

Looking forward to meet all of you in Poznan,

Carlos Closa.