Call for Papers: “The Euro-crisis and European identity: changes and dynamics on the demos-to-be”, IPSA World Congress of Political Science, July 23-28, 2016

Panel chair: Simona Guerra, University of Leicester

Abstract: Although analyses have found that the economic crisis is not a source of Euroscepticism, positive attitudes are declining in countries suffering most from it. Concurrently, trust towards the EU has halted at very low levels, 31% (EB81 2014, 9), and turnout at the 2014 European Parliament (EP) elections decreased to 42.61% (it was 53% in 2009 and EP official data reported a few percentages up to 43.09% until the end of June 2014). As Paul Taggart and Aleks Szczerbiak underline, despite the current crisis can enrich these EP elections with more Europe, it is important to distinguish the crisis, a general economic crisis, a specific euro crisis and the domestic contexts (2014). Addressing the crisis, the decreasing level of turnout and low trust for the EU institution, this panel ‘looks out for’ the impact of the Euro-crisis on European identity. We invite submissions discussing the limits of the concept, the debates underlying its notion and discourse, studies on the relationship between national and European identity, and analyses on functional and affective dimensions, cross-border interaction and cognitive mobilization, and addressing the impact, if any, of the Euro-crisis.

Deadline: October 7th 2015.

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