Call for Papers – EU politics of memory, Global Governance Programme/RSCAS(EUI) and COST Action IS1203, Florence, 19-20 June 2015

This workshop wants to explore the different dimensions involved in shaping EU memory policies: the conflicts on diverging and often contested memory facts and their projection to the EU/European level; the role of different group of actors as memory entrepreneurs at the supranational level, their cooperation and competition; the role of EU institutions; the strategies pursued by actors and institutions; the fitting of EU policies with national policies, etc. The workshop invites papers analyzing specific policy issues (denial of crimes, EU memory museum policies, comparing different national cases of actors/strategies in pursuing these European policies, theoretical papers, etc. Single country cases are not preferred although submissions may be considered and decided upon on the basis of their merits.

Submission of proposals. Proposals for papers should contain a title and a brief summary (up to 300 words). Deadline for submission is 30th November 2014. Applicants should include a brief CV. Papers accepted will be taken into consideration for the publication agenda of the Working Group on Politics of Memory. Proposals should be uploaded at

Funding: Members of the COST ISTME network will have their costs covered through the standard COST procedures. A certain amount of funding may be available for those selected applicants lacking funding.

Organization. The Workshop is jointly organised by the COST ITSME , the EUI RSCAS Global Governance Programme and the Research Committee on European Unification of the International Political Association (IPSA) . For further information, please, contact Carlos Closa or Georges Mink